How Does DOIFD Work?

Double OPT-IN For Download is a lead capture plugin. The goal is to capture someone’s name and email address by offering a free download item in exchange for that individuals name and email address. If that person is interested in your free offering ( aka, “A lead” ), then they might be interested in what you have for sale. Hence, “lead capture”. If you’re new to WordPress and starting your own venture, you probably have a lot of information coming at you all at once. I find that when I am setting up a plugin in WordPress, sometimes the setup goes much smoother when I understand the actual workflow of the plugin. I have broken down the workflow of Double OPT-IN For Download into two different phases below to help you understand exactly how DOIFD works.

In Step One of Phase One, the user enters their information ( Name, Email Address, etc ) and clicks the submit button. Once the submit button is clicked, we move into Step Two of Phase 1. In Step Two of Phase One, DOIFD then verifies the data to make sure it is in a valid format. If the format of the data is not valid, DOIFD will return an error message to the subscriber, indicating the problem. If DOIFD is happy with the data, the subscribers information will then be added to the subscribers table. DOIFD then sends the subscriber a verification email that will have a link in it. The subscriber will need to click that link to verify their email address and obtain their free download.

Phase Two begins when the verification email that DOIFD sent, arrives at your new subscribers or users email inbox. Step One begins when the subscriber clicks on the link in the verification email. When this link is clicked it will take the user back to your website to the landing page that you specifically created for that download. Step Two begins when your landing page has loaded in the subscribers web browser. It is at this time when the email address is verified ( If you are using the premium edition, this is when the user is added to Mailchimp & Constant Contact ). The subscriber is then presented with a button to click to download their free item. The user clicks the button to get their free download and you now have captured a brand new lead!!!