Premium Double OPT-IN For Download-MailPoet Edition

Premium Double OPT-IN For Download-MailPoet Edition

Premium Double OPT-IN For Download-MailPoet Edition

Double OPT IN Marketing at it's Best!

Item Details

  • Current version: 2.1.6
  • Last Update: December 4, 2016
  • Release Date: August 29, 2015
  • Author: LAB Web Development
  • Requirements: WordPress 3.5 or Higher
    PHP 5.4

It is a well-known fact that the secret to building a successful blog or website is by offering your visitors valuable content. Getting your visitors to subscribe to your blog or website can be a whole other story. One proven method of adding that new visitor to your growing list of subscribers is by offering that visitor a free item for subscribing to your blog or website.

This is where the power of our simple to use WordPress plugin Premium Double OPT-IN For Download comes in and works for you. When a visitor decides to take advantage of your offer and subscribes to your blog or website, our plugin will verify that visitor’s email address prior to them receiving your free download. Upon verification the plugin then adds that visitor’s email address to your WordPress Users List as well as the plugin’s Subscriber List. On top of that, Premium Double OPT-IN For Download works with MailPoet so that new subscribers will be automatically added to the email list of your choice, giving you the time to produce more killer content to build your customer base.

With its sleek AJAX forms adding a professional polish to your blog or website and its array of simple to use options, the Premium version of Double OPT-IN For Download is the plugin you need to bring your blog or website to a whole new level.

How It Works

For you, The Webmaster

Simply install the plugin. Set your desired options in the options section. Upload your free download in the downloads section of the plugin and select your desired MailPoet list for that download. Place the generated shortcode on the page(s) and/or post(s) you wish the form to show up on or simply add the widget to a sidebar. Style the form(s) in the form style or widget style sections to match your theme. That’s all there is to it! You’re ready to start marketing.

For your Visitors

When your website visitor decides to download your awesome freebee, they simply enter their name, email address and any additional form fields that you have added. They click the button to submit their information and the plugin sends your custom verification email to them. The visitor clicks the link in the email and they are transported back to your website where they are presented with a download button and your personal message to them.

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  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

All price options are billed yearly at a 30% discount!! You may cancel your subscription at any time. DOIFD Plugins are subject to yearly license for support and updates.

DOIFD with MailPoet Features

Lets see all item features & updates below

AJAX Forms

AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes. This means that it is possible to update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page. So by using premium DOIFD with AJAX you can keep your customers focus on your message while they submit their information to you. Compared to a classic web pages, (which do not use AJAX / FREE DOIFD ) must reload the entire page if the content should change, and potentially losing a client during the reload process.

Works with MailPoet

With more than 200,000 people from around the world using MailPoet to send out their website newsletters, using DOIFD with MailPoet, is simply another no brainer! With MailPoets simple to use setup and elegant email themes make DOIFD and MailPoet a winning combination!


A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. DOIFD with CAPTCHA can help with.... • Preventing Comment Spam in Blogs. • Protecting Website Registration. • Protecting Email Addresses From Scrapers. • Online Polls. • Preventing Dictionary Attacks. • Search Engine Bots. • Worms and Spam. Stop those bots! Optionally add Captcha to your form and widget.

Give them what they want!!

Let your users download what they want. Offer your subscribers your free download in the following file formats; Adobe PDF (.pdf) , Amazon eBooks ( .mobi ), Audio Files ( ,mp3 ), eBooks ( .epub ) Images ( .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif), Microsoft Word Documents ( .doc, .docx ), Microsoft Excel ( .xls, .xlsx ), Video Files ( .mp4 ) and Zip Archive Files ( .zip ).

HTML Verification Email

Create professional looking verification emails with HTML.

Add Customs CSS

Add Custom CSS to your Form or Widget

Additional Form Fields

Gather more information from your users with 3 additional optional text form fields.

Custom Email Subject Line

Customize your verification email subject line.

1 Year of Updates

Keep current, you receive one year of updates.